Patent Preparation & Prosecution

"[A] great team that does a superb job of analysing patents and giving valuable strategic advice." - IAM 1000

Cadwalader's IP team has in-depth experience in evaluating the patentability of client inventions, as well as preparing and prosecuting patent applications to protect inventions that are highly valued or of strategic importance.  Among the patents obtained by lawyers in our group is the famous "Priceline Patent" which helped launch one of the leading companies of the internet era, and which was asserted successfully in litigation.  Other patents have similarly served to protect the core business segments for our clients.  We have also routinely coordinated efforts to optimize corresponding patent protection throughout the world, carefully coordinating the corresponding activities abroad with those of the U.S. counterpart patents.


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4 Attorneys

Moehringer, John T. Partner New York
T. +1 212 504 6731
Patel, Rikesh Associate New York
T. +1 212 504 6306
Tully, Danielle Vincenti Partner New York
T. +1 212 504 6585
Wizenfeld, Howard Special Counsel New York
T. +1 212 504 6050