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La Tonya Brooks
Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
+1 212 993 2502 
Aisha Greene
Chief Attorney Development and Inclusion Officer
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Cadwalader Center for Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that our continued strength lies in ensuring that we attract, retain, and nurture the very best talent from all backgrounds, and we expect the future complexion of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP will, with each passing year, more closely reflect the global community that we serve.

Cadwalader is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that welcomes and supports the development and advancement of individuals of all backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion contributes to creating a more productive, effective, and dynamic work environment, not only in our offices but throughout our communities.

“The Cadwalader Center for Diversity & Inclusion will serve to define and distinguish our firm as we work to develop our next generation of leaders.”

- Patrick T. Quinn, Managing Partner

Our Initiatives

Affinity Networks

Affinity networks provide all firm attorneys with additional opportunities to receive professional development support and to develop leadership skills, expand their professional networks both internally and externally, and work with firm leaders to help the firm better leverage the talents and diversity of all its attorneys.

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Awards & Recognition

Cadwalader has received numerous awards and honors for the success of its diversity and inclusion efforts.

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Career Development & Training

Through the Cadwalader Center for Diversity & Inclusion, the firm offers diversity programs and initiatives designed to manage talent, increase employee engagement, and generate awareness of diversity and inclusion issues.

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Civil Rights Series

The Civil Rights Series are panel events, open to the public, that highlight civil rights issues featuring notable individuals and organizations at the forefront of today’s civil rights movement.

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Outreach & Partnerships

Cadwalader is committed to diversity and inclusion within the Firm and our society. The Firm sponsors numerous organizations responsible for developing and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce and community.

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Programs & Events

The Cadwalader Center for Diversity and Inclusion hosts programs and events throughout the year that are designed to increase cultural competence, celebrate history and heritage and educate attorneys on how to work effectively on diverse teams.

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Diversity and Inclusion Report

Click here to read our annual report and learn more about our ongoing commitment to diversity & inclusion. Download a printable PDF here.

2L Diversity Scholarship 

Catherine Noyes Lee was elected our first woman partner nearly 80 years ago. To honor and build on Catherine’s legacy, we are pleased to announce the Catherine Noyes Lee 2L Diversity Scholarship. The 2L Diversity Scholar will be an outstanding second-year law student with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. The 2L Diversity Scholar will be a summer associate in our New York office.

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Supplier Diversity Program

Cadwalader engages numerous businesses globally and has developed a Supplier Diversity Program to further demonstrate our value of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Diversity Committee

The Cadwalader Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CCDI) Oversight Committee, the “OC,” serves as the firm’s Global Diversity Committee and consists of a cross-section of senior partners from various backgrounds, practice groups and offices, Director of Attorney Development & Training and Manager of Diversity & Inclusion. The OC acts in a steering and advisory capacity to:

  • Provide governance to the CCDI;
  • Develop and articulate the strategic objectives of the CCDI;
  • Develop and sponsor new programs and evaluate the success of previously established programs; and
  • Work with the firm’s Management Committee to ensure commitment and success.

Members of the CCDI Oversight Committee:

Patrick Quinn
Chair, Managing Partner

Ingrid Bagby
Financial Restructuring

Cheryl D. Barnes
Capital Markets

David Burkholder
Capital Markets

Ellen Holloman
Global Litigation

Anne Tompkins
Global Litigation