1792 Accelerator

At Cadwalader, the firm’s 1792 Accelerator, named for the year of the firm’s founding, is a collaboration between the firm’s Attorney Development and Information Technology groups, with the focus on technologically-assisted legal service. This lawyer-centric approach, launched three years ago, ensures that attorneys are actively involved in the development and use of the innovations.

  • A work-flow and document automation process for SEC filings;
  • AI-assisted contract review process and creation;
  • Use of bespoke document drafting tools for structured finance; and
  • The development of use-specific blockchain applications for structured finance.

Says Mike Tyler, the firm’s Chief Innovation Officer, “The 1792 Accelerator continues to drive the increased pace of innovation across the firm and, perhaps most important, has made technology second nature as part of the practice of law on behalf of our clients.”