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Cadwalader regularly publishes materials, including newsletters and news alerts of interest to our clients. Our communications portfolio also includes articles authored by our attorneys, as well as information about events in which our personnel will participate.

Articles & Books

Lombard v. Skyjets: Key Takeaways for Lenders and Restructuring Professionals

October 2022

Pratt’s Journal of Bankruptcy Law

Lombard v. Skyjets: Key Takeaways for Lenders and Restructuring Professionals

Related Attorney(s): Bevis Metcalfe, Matthew Smith, William Sugden
Related Practice(s): Corporate Finance, Distressed Finance, Financial Restructuring, Private Equity, Special Situations
Related Office(s): London
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Facing unexpected events in the US financial markets: advice for regulated and unregulated entities

October 2022

Financier Worldwide

US and global regulators are once again focused on having market participants design and implement business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans, as well as corresponding policies and procedures.

Related Attorney(s): Peter Malyshev
Related Practice(s): Financial Regulation
Related Office(s): Washington
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Hispanic Heritage Month Fireside Chat: Elevating and Promoting the Next Generation of Diverse Lawyers and Professionals

October 12, 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month Fireside Chat: Elevating and Promoting the Next Generation of Diverse Lawyers and Professionals 


Related Office(s): Charlotte, New York, Washington
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PLI's Advanced Swaps & Other Derivatives 2022

October 18-19, 2022

Cadwalader partner Peter Malyshev will be a featured speaker at PLI's Advanced Swaps & Other Derivatives 2022.

Related Attorney(s): Peter Malyshev
Related Practice(s): Financial Regulation, Swap Regulation
Related Office(s): New York
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ELFA Seminar Series: European Middle-Market Lending: Current Outlook, and Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

October 19, 2022

Cadwalader is pleased to partner with the European Leveraged Finance Association for a discussion on the current outlook and future of European Middle-Market Lending.

Related Attorney(s): Elena Bernal
Related Practice(s): CLOs, Commercial Real Estate CLOs
Related Office(s): London
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Clients & Friends Memos

Second Circuit Rules in Favor of Citibank in Accidental $500m Transfer in Revlon Loan Transaction

September 28, 2022

In a decision rendered September 8, 2022, a three-judge panel for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (the “Court”) vacated a February, 2021 decision by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in favor of the defendant loan managers of certain institutional lenders (the “Loan Managers”), which held that the Loan Managers were not obligated to return an accidental payment by Citibank N.A. (“Citi”) of approximately $500 million. Citi served as administrative agent to the lenders for an $1.8 billion syndicated seven-year loan to Revlon, Inc. (“Revlon”) pursuant to a credit agreement entered into in 2016 (the “2016 Loan”).

Related Attorney(s): Steven Herman, Calla Abrunzo
Related Practice(s): Real Estate
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The Ongoing Solvent Debtor Debate: Divided Ninth Circuit Panel Holds that PG&E Creditors Are Entitled to Contract Rate of Interest

September 09, 2022

On August 29, 2022, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held in Ad Hoc Comm. of Holders of Trade Claims vs. Pacific Gas and Elec. Co. (In re PG&E Corp.) that when a debtor is solvent, a creditor may be entitled to receive interest at the contract rate (subject to equitable considerations), rather than at the federal judgment rate.

Related Attorney(s): Ingrid Bagby, Michele Maman, Thomas Curtin, Marc Veilleux
Related Practice(s): Financial Restructuring
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UK Crypto Regulation – Cryptoasset Exchange and Custodian Wallet Providers Now Required to Report on Suspected Sanctions Breaches

September 08, 2022

The UK authorities are taking further steps to bring crypto businesses within the regulatory perimeter. As of 30 August 2022, cryptoasset exchange and custodian wallet providers are required to comply with the reporting obligations implemented by the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (“OFSI”).

Related Attorney(s): Mark Beardsworth, Kevin Roberts, Duncan Grieve
Related Practice(s): Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Digital Assets, White Collar Defense and Investigations
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Brass Tax

BrassTax is a monthly newsletter that provides clear and concise insights on important tax developments.

Related Attorney(s): Linda Swartz, Mark Howe, Adam Blakemore, Gary Silverstein
Related Practice(s): Corporate Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions Taxation, Restructurings & Bankruptcies Taxation, Securitization & Structured Products Taxation, Tax, Tax Controversy

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Fin News

Cabinet News & Views

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Fund Finance Friday

Fund Finance Friday is a weekly market intelligence update for the fund finance market from Cadwalader. 

Related Attorney(s): Wesley Misson, Tim Hicks, Kurt Oosterhouse, Samantha Hutchinson, Brian Foster
Related Practice(s): Fund Finance

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REF News & Views

REF News & Views is a monthly newsletter comprised of news and commentary around legal matters concerning mortgage finance, mezzanine finance, loan sales and construction finance.

Related Attorney(s): Duncan Hubbard, Fredric Altschuler, Alan Lawrence, Holly Chamberlain, Bonnie Neuman, Steven Herman, Melissa Hinkle, Matthew Robertson, Christopher Dickson
Related Practice(s): Construction Finance, Joint Ventures, Loan Sales, Management & Leasing, Mezzanine Finance, Mortgage Finance, Real Estate, Real Estate Acquisitions & Dispositions, Real Estate Restructuring, Real Estate Workouts & Restructurings

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State Attorney General Insider

State Attorney General Insider is a newsletter on the latest notable cases and updates from within the State Attorneys General community.

Related Attorney(s): Douglas Gansler, Jodi Avergun, Jason Halper, Ellen Holloman, Joel Mitnick
Related Practice(s): Global Litigation, State Attorneys General Practice

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Our podcasts delve into the legal trends shaping global business – from financial regulations to fund finance, investigations and more.

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LIBOR Before Labor Day (2022 Edition)

August 26, 2022

Cadwalader partner Jeff Nagle discusses the latest in LIBOR transition in another installment of FFF: Industry Conversations. 

Related Attorney(s): Jeffrey Nagle
Related Practice(s): LIBOR Preparedness Team

Finance Forum Focus Series: Spotlight on LIBOR Transition

October 20, 2021

In this installment of our Finance Forum Focus Series, Cadwalader partners Lary Stromfeld and Jeffrey Nagle discuss the latest LIBOR transition developments.

Related Attorney(s): Lary Stromfeld, Jeffrey Nagle
Related Practice(s): LIBOR Preparedness Team