Corporate Governance

Cadwalader's Corporate team provides clients with the sophisticated legal and business expertise needed to operate their companies. Whatever the type of transaction or nature of our clients' concerns, we assist them in achieving their objectives, assessing the benefits and risks, and advising management and the Board of Directors with creativity, flexibility and timeliness.

We advise our multinational corporate clients on their worldwide operations and assist them with a broad range of strategic planning needs, taking into account the myriad requirements of different legal regimes. We also provide counsel on a broad range of business, commercial and governance matters, including affiliate transactions, business judgment, corporate control, directors' oversight, executive compensation, fiduciary duty and liability issues, shareholder relations, stock plans, and succession planning.

We also frequently act as outside general counsel for our clients, overseeing federal and state disclosure and filing requirements with, among others, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York Stock Exchange, and other national securities exchanges, as well as with other obligations under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Our attorneys also structure and negotiate a wide variety of strategic alliances and similar arrangements, including traditional joint ventures, licensing arrangements, asset sales, marketing and distribution arrangements, and consulting service arrangements.

Our expertise also extends to the type of practical corporate advice - both the tactical and the strategic - that is of such great value in running a company and that can only be earned through long experience advising businesses, as well as boards of directors and special committees of boards of directors, in the most complex financing transactions as well as in all manner of issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. From contractual negotiations to regulatory compliance to corporate governance - and all of the myriad problems and challenges that arise in the life of a corporation - Cadwalader provides a common sense approach and no-nonsense advice that our clients value.


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Brand, Richard M. Partner New York
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Khinda, Philip S. Partner New York
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Mills, William P. Partner New York
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Patti, Gregory P. Jr. Partner New York
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Raglan, Daniel P. Partner New York
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Ramphal, Nick Partner New York
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