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Cadwalader regularly publishes materials, including newsletters and news alerts of interest to our clients. Our communications portfolio also includes articles authored by our attorneys, as well as information about events in which our personnel will participate.

Articles & Books

Loan Transparency Proposals May Bring Some Clarity

February 15, 2024


Chris van Heerden, director at Cadwalader, authored an article, “Loan Transparency Proposals May Bring Some Clarity,” that appeared in Law360 on February 14 as part of the publication’s “Expert Analysis” column.

Related Practice(s): Fund Finance
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Enforcing security over limited partner interests in English limited partnerships

January 17, 2024

Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law

Cadwalader attorneys share some of the key issues for lenders when taking and enforcing security over a limited partner interest in an English limited partnership in Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law.

Related Attorney(s): Alix Prentice, George Pelling, Ijeoma Nwala, Samantha Hutchinson, Adam Blakemore, Satvi Vepa
Related Practice(s): Corporate & Financial Services Litigation & Regulation, Fund Finance, Tax
Related Office(s): London
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Key Takeaways: “Is It Something I Said? Managing Securitization Workouts Within the Ecosystem of the Trust”

January 16, 2024

The final panel of CREFC Miami, which included partner Lisa Pauquette, brought together the themes that had been running through the conference: a modest uptick in maturity defaults presaging a larger wave, the challenges facing non-Class A office space, and the difficulties for borrowers of finding replacement financing for loans originated in a very different interest rate environment.

Related Attorney(s): Kate Foreman
Related Practice(s): Real Estate, Securitization & Asset Based Finance
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SFVegas 2024

February 25 - 28, 2024

Cadwalader is proud to be a Gold sponsor at SFVegas 2024. 

Related Attorney(s): Sophie Cuthbertson, Ryan McNaughton, Neil Weidner
Related Practice(s): CLOs, Corporate, FinTech, Marketplace Lending and FinTech, Securitization & Asset Based Finance
Related Office(s): Charlotte, New York, Washington
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BCBS-Federal Reserve CCR Industry Outreach Conference

February 27-28, 2024

Cadwalader partner Lary Stromfeld will participate in the BCBS-Federal Reserve CCR Industry Outreach Conference. 

Related Attorney(s): Lary Stromfeld
Related Practice(s): Securitization & Asset Based Finance
Related Office(s): New York
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Clients & Friends Memos

European Commission’s Revised Guidance on Market Definition Will Make It Easier to Allege Mergers Will “Significantly Impede Effective Competition”

February 12, 2024

The European Commission’s (“Commission”) substantially revised Market Definition Notice (“Revised Notice”) will make it significantly easier for it to allege that mergers and other transactions (“mergers”) are likely to “significantly impede effective competition.”

Related Attorney(s): Bilal Sayyed
Related Practice(s): Antitrust, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions
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KYC – “Know Your Customer,” or Agent, or Financial Institution, to Qualify for the Bankruptcy Code Safe Harbors

February 09, 2024

Parties structuring certain financial transactions to comply with the Bankruptcy Code safe harbor provisions, including protections from the avoidance powers in Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code, must be cognizant of recent case law prescribing the identity of counterparties within the ambit of the provisions.

Related Attorney(s): Ingrid Bagby, Kathryn Borgeson, Michele Maman, Eric Waxman, Marc Veilleux
Related Practice(s): Financial Restructuring
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The Court of Appeal Judgment in the Adler Restructuring Plan: Pari Passu is Back!

January 26, 2024

On 23 January the Court of Appeal unanimously overturned the High Court’s decision to sanction Adler’s restructuring plan, following a successful challenge from an ad hoc committee of noteholders (the AHG). The judgment is the first time a Part 26A restructuring plan has been considered by the Court of Appeal since the introduction of the provision in 2020.

Part 26A restructuring plans empower an English Court to order a compromise or arrangement of debt obligations, even if there is one or more dissenting class of creditors (a power referred to as "cross-class cram-down"). The Court may do this if (inter alia) it is satisfied that none of the members of the dissenting class or classes would be any “worse off” than they would be were the restructuring plan not to be sanctioned by the Court.

Related Attorney(s): Gregory Petrick, Bevis Metcalfe, Simon Walsh, William Sugden
Related Practice(s): Financial Restructuring, Global Litigation
Related Office(s): London
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Brass Tax

BrassTax is a monthly newsletter that provides clear and concise insights on important tax developments.

Related Attorney(s): Linda Swartz, Mark Howe, Adam Blakemore, Gary Silverstein
Related Practice(s): Corporate Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions Taxation, Restructurings & Bankruptcies Taxation, Securitization & Structured Products Taxation, Tax, Tax Controversy

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Cabinet News & Views

Cabinet News & Views is a weekly newsletter covering news in the financial services industry. 

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Cadwalader Climate

Cadwalader Climate is a twice-weekly newsletter that summarizes and provides the legal implications of climate-related developments.

Related Attorney(s): Jason Halper, Duncan Grieve, Simon Walsh, Sara Bussiere, Elizabeth Moore, Timbre Shriver, Sharon Takhar, Jayshree Balakrishnan
Related Practice(s): Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

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Fund Finance Friday

Fund Finance Friday is a weekly market intelligence update for the fund finance market from Cadwalader. 

Related Attorney(s): Wesley Misson, Tim Hicks, Kurt Oosterhouse, Samantha Hutchinson, Brian Foster
Related Practice(s): Fund Finance

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REF News & Views

REF News & Views is a monthly newsletter comprised of news and commentary around legal matters concerning mortgage finance, mezzanine finance, loan sales and construction finance.

Related Attorney(s): Duncan Hubbard, Fredric Altschuler, Alan Lawrence, Holly Chamberlain, Bonnie Neuman, Steven Herman, Melissa Hinkle, Matthew Robertson, Christopher Dickson
Related Practice(s): Construction Finance, Joint Ventures, Loan Sales, Management & Leasing, Mezzanine Finance, Mortgage Finance, Real Estate, Real Estate Acquisitions & Dispositions, Real Estate Restructuring, Real Estate Workouts & Restructurings

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State Attorney General Insider

State Attorney General Insider is a newsletter on the latest notable cases and updates from within the State Attorneys General community.

Related Attorney(s): Douglas Gansler, Jodi Avergun, Jason Halper, Ellen Holloman, Joel Mitnick
Related Practice(s): Global Litigation, State Attorneys General Practice

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Our podcasts delve into the legal trends shaping global business – from financial regulations to fund finance, investigations and more.

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The FTC in Courts and Congress: Here Comes Trouble?

July 20, 2023

Related Attorney(s): Bilal Sayyed
Related Practice(s): Antitrust

Journal of Business & Technology Law Symposium

March 9, 2023

Related Attorney(s): Bilal Sayyed
Related Practice(s): Antitrust