Cadwalader Recognized Among Leading Law Firms in 2018 IFLR1000

November 02, 2017

Cadwalader has been recognized as a top law firm in several key practice areas in the 2018 edition of the IFLR1000, a publication focused on finance and transactional law firms.

In the United States, Cadwalader is ranked among the top firms in several core areas, including Banking, Derivatives, Financial Services Regulatory, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring and Insolvency, and Structured Finance and Securitization.

The following attorneys are recognized as Leading Lawyers: Louis Bevilacqua (Mergers and Acquisitions), Richard Brand (Private Equity), Christopher Cox (Mergers and Acquisitions),  Michael Gambro (Derivatives; Capital Markets: Equity), Chris Gavin (Structured Finance and Securitization), Stuart Goldstein (Structured Finance and Securitization; Investment Funds), Ivan Loncar (Derivatives; Capital Markets: Equity; Structured Finance and Securitization), Michael Mascia (Bank Lending), William Mills (Mergers and Acquisitions), Patrick Quinn (Banking), Gary Silverstein (Derivatives; Capital Markets: Equity; Structured Finance and Securitization) and Lary Stromfeld (Derivatives; Capital Markets: Equity; Structured Finance and Securitization).

In addition, Scott Cammarn (Financial Services Regulatory), Matthew Feig (Structured Finance and Securitization), Wes Misson (Banking) and Jeffrey Nagle (Bank Lending) are noted as Rising Stars.

Cadwalader is ranked in several categories in the United Kingdom, including EU Competition, Financial Restructuring, Restructuring: Bond Holder and Fund Representation, and Structured Finance and Securitization.

The firm’s featured lawyers in the UK include Suzanne Bell (Structured Finance and Securitization), Richard Nevins (Financial Restructuring), David Quirolo (Derivatives; Structured Finance and Securitization), and Nick Shiren (Derivatives; Structured Finance and Securitization).