Neil J. Weidner will speak on the panel "Seeing the Value in the New Wave of Re-Financings."

Joseph W. Beach will speak on the panel "Risk Retention and the CLO Sector."

Jeremiah M. Wagner will speak on the panel "The European Environment for P2P Lending."

IMN is excited to announce the 20th Annual ABS East® conference, taking place September 21-23, 2014, in Miami Beach, FL. The 2014 installment is one of the most important industry conferences focused on the securitization market, hosting a delegation of over 3,000 structured finance professionals, including more than 1,000 issuers and investors. ABS East 2014 will provide comprehensive coverage on the revival and strengthening of the US securitization market, along with what our markets should look like in the future, given the importance of securitization to the real economy.