Webinar Series: Capital Relief Trades

Cadwalader's financial services team invites you to join us for a four-part series focused on capital relief trades. We'll discuss the nuts and bolts of these transactions, which a growing number of U.S. banks are exploring to optimize regulatory capital and manage credit risk, including capital benefits, structural considerations and other legal and regulatory issues.

Our first installment, "CRT Overview and Regulatory Capital Basics," was streamed on June 22nd at 1 PM. Watch the replay here.

Financial Services partners Jed Miller, Daniel Meade and Ivan Loncar will discuss:

  • What is bank regulatory capital?
  • What are capital relief trades?
  • How can capital relief trades be used by banks to optimize regulatory capital?
  • What are common types of capital relief trades?

Part II of our series, Unpacking Regulation Q: CRT Structuring, will be streamed at 1 PM on Wednesday, June 29.

The panel will discuss:

  • What types of risk-weighted assets can benefit from a capital relief trade?
  • What terms must a capital relief trade have in order to offer capital relief?
  • What terms must a capital relief trade not have?
  • How should a bank invest proceeds from the issuance of credit-linked notes?

Register here.