How to Prepare for a Real Estate Enforcement in Europe, Part 3 – Implementation (or Getting the Deal Done!)

August 1, 2023

Having covered how to prepare for an enforcement in Part 1 and stressed the importance of valuation evidence in enforcements in Part 2, the focus of our mini-series now turns to implementing the enforcement.

Let’s imagine the following scenario:

There is a continuing event of default under the finance documents, negotiations between the lenders and the company have stalled, and the lenders no longer believe that the borrower can repay the loan. At this juncture, the logical next step is that lenders will be asking how they can enforce their security and how long it will take to get their money back. A headline point to stress in this situation is that implementing a real estate enforcement is not something which can be done at the drop of a hat. The planning and execution of an enforcement will always take longer than expected. Indeed, considering enforcement options for the first time when liquidity is “drying up” may disadvantage lenders. A well-planned enforcement should not be rushed.

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