Lawdragon Profile: Ira Schacter

November 11, 2022

Lawdragon published a profile of partner Ira Schacter earlier this week.

The profile draws a parallel between Schacter’s broad practice and client service approach with his off-hours passion for scratch-building cars in his Brooklyn metal shop. As he puts it, “I look at law the same way. Whether it’s mergers and acquisitions or structured finance, or anything in between – you take on challenges, you put in the time and you invent creative ways to make it work.”

Schacter adds that most of his clients know about his passion for cars and understand the connection. He explains: “Transactions, like cars, are about forces and opposing forces – the ability to absorb, harness and oppose competing forces whether the horizontal twist from the motor, the forward force from putting power to the wheels, the upward forces of riding over terrain and the cliff-like risk of an unintended impact ... Doing deals and providing strategic advice is much the same. I have what I consider my own legal aesthetic, a way I think about deals and risk and business that plays out differently from the deal to deal, but is consistent because of how I think about the world and how I think about risk. It all comes back to isolating forces and opposing forces and structuring around them.”

The profile – part feature and part Q&A – describes Schacter’s role as a “holistic strategic advisor” and cites, as examples, his work on a $21B securitization of franchise agreements for Hilton Hotels and the $325M Series F investment round for cybersecurity firm Cybereason.

The profile is available here.