Cadwalader Attorneys Contribute to ICLG’s ‘International Arbitration 2021’

September 08, 2021

Cadwalader disputes partner Melis Acuner, special counsel Simon Walsh and associate Emma Farrow have co-authored two chapters in the recently released International Arbitration 2021: A Practical Cross-Border Insight Into International Arbitration Work, published by International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG). The 18th edition represents a “valuable, authoritative source of reference material for lawyers, industry and private practice seeking information regarding the procedural laws and practice of international arbitration, provided by experienced practitioners from around the world.”

Acuner, Walsh and Farrow contributed an “Expert Analysis” chapter titled, “Consequences of ‘Brexit’ on International Dispute Resolution,” which is available here and covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Choice of English Law and Jurisdiction
  3. Recognition and Enforcement of English Court Judgments in the EU
  4. Service Out of the Jurisdiction
  5. No Significant Changes in the Field of International Arbitration
  6. London’s Appeal as a Seat for Investor-State Arbitration May Grow
  7. A Return of EU-Wide Anti-Suit Injunctions?

They also contributed the jurisdictional chapter about “England & Wales,” which is available here and addresses:

  1. Arbitration Agreements
  2. Governing Legislation
  3. Jurisdiction
  4. Choice of Law Rules
  5. Selection of Arbitral Tribunal
  6. Procedural Rules
  7. Preliminary Relief and Interim Measures
  8. Evidentiary Matters
  9. Making an Award
  10. Challenge of an Award
  11. Enforcement of an Award
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Remedies/Interests/Costs
  14. Investor-State Arbitrations
  15. General

“There are many moving parts today with regard to Brexit’s impact on international arbitration,” Acuner said. “We regularly receive questions on the implications of current developments, so these chapters should provide a very helpful overview of the current state of affairs and what we are anticipating down the road.”   

Cadwalader’s London-based international arbitration team has extensive experience in arbitration, litigation, antitrust, risk management and regulatory investigation. Team members work closely with clients to understand their businesses, identify potential areas of exposure, create strategies to manage risk, and, when appropriate, resolve disputes before they become litigious. The team has a depth of experience acting for clients in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and further afield, and work effectively with their U.S. counterparts to provide a closely coordinated transatlantic offering.