Trading Risk New York Rendez-Vous 2014 'The Brave New World'

2014 has been a year of continued pressure on catastrophe rates. So are investors and managers still feeling sanguine about potential returns? How will the market achieve growth as the battle for reinsurance signings becomes ever tougher?

Join us at the annual Trading Risk New York Rendez-Vous as the convergence market gathers to debate these issues and share perspectives on what lies ahead for 2015.

Key topics:

-Relative appeal – how will the ILS pricing cycle be influenced by broader interest rate changes?
- Ramping up – how much leverage are retro sidecars giving reinsurers
-New horizons – are investors prepared to back managers to take on unmodelled risk?
-In the club – how do growing companies get into the "magic circle" and what happens to those outside?-"Generation 1.5" cat bonds – are they matching up to cedant needs?