Recent Regulatory Updates in Distressed Debt and Restructurings: What Lies Ahead in 2017

Richard M. Nugent will speak at this webinar.

In today’s global market overwhelmed with an unprecedented combination of crisis, volatility and uncertainty, majority of professionals and keen observers seem to notice that distressed debt will continue into 2017. An uptick in restructuring activities is also one of the significant developments investors should watch out for in the coming years. In order for investors to have the strategic advantage in debt opportunities, they need to understand key trends, best practices for distressed investing and loan sales, and the pitfalls to avoid, among others.

This course seeks to summarize some of the significant issues and developments relating to distressed debt and restructurings. A panel of thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will provide a refresher on basic concepts as well as insights on recent developments. The panel will also discuss recent judicial decisions, major chapter 11 cases, and the tax aspects of restructuring transactions.

Key topics include:

  •  Distressed Debt Market Overview
  •  Negotiating a Restructuring Agreement: Opportunities and Risks
  •  Implementation of Strategies to Influence Subsequent Restructurings, Reorganizations, Bankruptcies and Related Litigation
  •  What Happens If Your Borrower Files Bankruptcy?
  •  Preparing for Bankruptcy Risks and Industry Issues
  •  Recent Court Decisions and Possible Implications
    •  Stern v. Marshall
    •  Bellingham
    •  Wellness Int’l
  •  Latest Developments in Fraudulent Transfer Law
  •  Best Compliance Practices
  •  Tax Aspects of Distressed Debt and Restructurings