PLI's International Estate and Tax Planning 2014 Conference

Dean C. Berry will co-chair the International Estate and Tax Planning 2014 conference.

Individuals with connections to more than one country - international private clients - need sophisticated succession and tax planning advisors to help them navigate a complex and sometimes treacherous legal, tax and regulatory environment. These clients include U.S. persons with assets or beneficiaries outside the United States, as well as non-U.S. persons with U.S. connections. Their advisors must view a client's specific circumstances from a multijurisdictional perspective. To do this effectively, advisors need to understand the interplay, both within and between countries, of income taxes, estate and gift taxes, marital property and inheritance laws, immigration and nationality laws, tax and non-tax reporting requirements, the use (and sometimes abuse) of entities and arrangements such as companies, trusts and foundations, and the principles of conflict of laws. These factors must be addressed in an increasingly transparent environment created by recent unilateral and inter-governmental initiatives in tax enforcement and disclosure.