Inside the Cybercriminal’s Mind: How to Understand and Then Catch Them?

Cadwalader White Collar Defense and Investigations associae Charlotte Glaser presented on the "Inside the Cybercriminal’s Mind: How to Understand and Then Catch Them?" session at the International Association of Young Lawyers' Commercial Fraud Commission Day.

The session focussed on hacking, the psychology of hacking, and cybercrime, specifically focusing on the difficulties in pursuing perpetrators across multiple jurisdictions, exploring what tools law enforcement use currently to tackle this problem (i.e. extensions of jurisdiction; MLA; interim measures; sanctions; extradition etc.), and whether there are any tools on the horizon that might better equip law enforcement to fight this superior threat (e.g. new cyber-fraud schemes and new offences around the world).

The panel was moderated by Max Mailliet from Etude Max Mailliet, and Charlotte was joined by speakers Oliver Crofton from Marclay Associates, UK, Jacopo Piemonte from De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani Studio Legale and Greg Payne from Payne Clermont Velasco.