Fourth Annual Online Lending Policy Summit

Cadwalader is proud to sponsor the Fourth Annual Online Lending Policy Summit where partners Mark Chorazak, Jonathan Watkins and Douglas Gansler will speak on various panels.

  • Mark Chorazak will moderate the "Regulatory Innovation: Federal Agency FinTech Agenda" panel at 10:00 am
  • Jonathan Watkins will moderate the "FinTech Thought Leadership: The Voice of FinTech in DC and State Capitals Across the Country" panel at 11:30 am
  • Douglas Gansler will speak on the "Navigating State Regulatory Structure" panel at 3:35 pm 

The 4th Annual Summit will continue to create opportunity for responsible industry participants to share insights, propose standards and provide regulators and policymakers with consensus viewpoints on the regulation of online lending. The Online Lending Policy Summit will include participants from across the online lending industry, including online lenders, academics, lawyers, banks, consumer advocates, services and regulatory agencies, amongst others.