Armed for Success: A Conversation with Military Veteran Attorneys

The Cadwalader Veterans Network is honored to host a panel of distinguished military veteran attorneys who have worked at senior levels of government, at law firms, and as in-house counsel. The panelists will discuss how military service shaped their legal careers and professional networks; the balancing of civilian and reserve careers; attributes they look for when recruiting candidates; and the challenges faced by veterans of the post-9/11 military.

Terence Gilroy, Director, Financial Crime Legal, Barclays, U.S. Army
Nathaniel Kiernan, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & CCO, Clarion Partners, U.S. Army Reserve
Pedro Medrano, Senior Counsel, Ethics & Compliance, Time Warner Inc., U.S. Army Reserve
Vivienne Nguyen, Director & Corporate Counsel, Prudential, U.S. Navy
Sharad Samy, General Counsel, Commonfund, U.S. Army Reserve

Joseph V. Moreno, Partner, Cadwalader, U.S. Army Reserve


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