3rd Annual Investors’ Conference on CRE CLOs

Cadwalader is proud to sponsor IMN's 3rd Annual Investors’ Conference on CRE CLOs where partners Jeffrey Rotblat and Stuart Goldstein will be featured moderators. 

Jeffrey's panel, "Coming to Market in CRE: Spotlight on New Issuance," will discuss:

  • Headwinds and key considerations for Issuers and Underwriters; rates, loan modifications, underlying asset quality, collateral performance.
  • Issuer motivations and lessons learned – “What we wish we knew then”
  • Formulating eligibility criteria
  • Key takeaways from Roadshows

Stuart's panel, "Structural Deep Dive: Static v. Managed, and other Key Trends," will discuss:

  • What influences the choice of managed v. static issuance?
  • What has caused a shift towards more managed issuance?
  • What types of structural adjustments are possible that will be sponsor-friendly while being credit-neutral?
  • What challenges exist for CRE CLOs in reporting, transparency and asset management?
  • Is the level of disclosure in CRE CLOs satisfactory in the primary offering stage? In ongoing reporting?
  • How is the LIBOR transition affecting new issue terms and CRE CLO volume?