The Handbook of Insurance-Linked Securities

Nov 11, 2012

The Handbook of Insurance-Linked Securities provides information on a type of securities, which, by combining elements of insurance and capital markets, provide an alternative channel for transferring risk and raising capital. The book provides hands-on information essential for market participants, drawing on the insights and expertise of an impressive team of international market players in insurance-linked securitization, exploring the roles of different parties in the transactions, the motivation for transaction sponsors, the potential pitfalls, the latest developments and structures, and challenges faced by the market. New York-based partners Malcolm Wattman and James Frazier contributed the chapter “Legal Issues,” in which they discuss note offerings, offering circulars, and different types of related transactions. London partner Adam Blakemore wrote “The UK Taxation Treatment of Insurance-Linked Securities,” which covers taxation of U.K.-based and non-U.K.-based special purpose vehicles, as well as indirect taxes and the withholding of income tax. And partner David Miller, resident in New York, penned the chapter “The US Federal Income Taxation Treatment of Insurance-Linked Securities,” providing insight on corporate, withholding, and excise taxes, as well as the federal income tax treatment of investors in catastrophe bonds. Associates Shlomo Boehm, Matthew Feig, Oliver Iliffe, and James Langston assisted. Published by Wiley.