UK’s Advertising Regulator Publishes Rules on Making Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero Claims

February 21, 2023

On February 10, the UK’s advertising regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), announced the publication of updated guidance for advertisers making environmental sustainability-related claims to consumers, including use of the terms “carbon neutral” and “net zero.” The ASA explained that the amended guidance reflects the “key principles of the Competition and Markets Authority’s guidance on environmental claims on goods and services” and that “in light of the low understanding and lack of consensus around the meaning of carbon neutral and net zero claims, [the Committees of Advertising Practice] and [the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice] advise advertisers to take into account the following guidance, which draws on key principles of the [Competition and Markets Authority] guidance, and, if followed, means that claims are less likely to mislead.”

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