Report on Greenwashing in the Food Sector Highlights Consumer-Focused Regulatory Activity on Climate Claims

April 4, 2023

report released by Dutch environmental advocacy group Changing Markets Foundation has highlighted alleged “greenwashing” in the UK and German food sectors, including via claims such as ‘carbon neutral,’ ‘climate positive,’ and ‘net zero,’ as well as specific claims about low methane. The report also stated that green advertising was impacting consumer choices, with 42% of UK consumers more likely to buy products with ‘carbon neutral’ labels and 29% “willing to pay slightly or much more” for products so labelled. “In Germany the picture is much the same, with 35% of consumers more likely to buy a meat or dairy product labelled ‘carbon neutral’ and 36% more likely to buy meat or dairy labelled ‘climate positive’, with 32% and 36% willing to pay more for these labels, respectively.”  Changing Markets in its Report also identified over 50 examples of what it claims are misleading “green” claims on food products themselves and within marketing materials for food products, with meat and dairy companies featuring prominently.

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