Stop the Hate – A Statement from Managing Partner Patrick T. Quinn

March 19, 2021

The recent deadly violence in Atlanta is the latest and most horrific event in a terrible increase in violence against Asian Americans. This and other attacks have been accompanied and perhaps fueled by a dramatic COVID-19-related escalation of hate speech – especially but not exclusively on social media. Unfortunately, this is part of a long history. While the murders in Atlanta shock and horrify us, they also serve as an all-too-clear reminder: if we choose not to confront and call out hate of any kind, emboldened perpetrators will see this as tacit approval or, worse yet, endorsement of these extreme actions. Silence can be a killer, too.

We must raise our voices and take determined steps to condemn this hate. As these most recent events demonstrate, there is far too much violence and hatred against our fellow Americans, specifically members of the Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+ and Asian and AAPI communities.

So here we are, once again lamenting all that we should have done and all that we still need to do. We may not be able to change the recent past, but we can do something today in hopes of a better, more equitable, safer and kinder tomorrow. For our Firm, that begins with a donation to Stop AAPI Hate, full support of and allyship with our Asian Pacific American Attorney Resource Group and increasing our pro bono efforts to seek justice for all. And for each of us, I hope we will take a hard look at what we can also do individually to show support for our Asian and AAPI colleagues, friends and community members.