New Version of Cadwalader Cabinet Reinforces Position as Leading Information Platform on U.S. Financial Regulation

June 11, 2018


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Triples Number of Topic Pages, Refines Search Tools, and Expands Financial Regulatory and Enforcement Analysis

The Cadwalader Cabinet, a critically acclaimed research and intelligence platform that provides analysis of U.S. financial regulation, today announced the release of a new version of its subscription service.

With the new version, the Cabinet triples the number of “Topic Pages” devoted to specific legal issues and financial products and adds improved search tools and an expanded availability of financial regulatory and enforcement documents. The Cabinet has also upgraded its existing suite of practical tools, including: regulatory calendars, expert systems, alerts, document creation capabilities, and the ability to search enforcement actions by penalty amounts.

“Cadwalader is proud to launch this new version of the Cabinet, which represents the marriage of our market-leading regulatory expertise with the sophisticated use of technology to make legal information available to the financial industry,” said Pat Quinn, Managing Partner at Cadwalader. “We believe that the Cabinet provides a material advantage to our clients and Cabinet Premium subscribers.”

“The addition of these Topic Pages, combined with the wealth of materials already part of this technology, makes the Cabinet the only financial regulatory platform that offers such a powerful and cost-effective means of getting answers, keeping current and assessing developing risks,” added Steve Lofchie, the founder of the Cabinet.

The Cadwalader Cabinet, a legal tech service developed by attorneys for financial market professionals, is widely used by financial institutions, law firms, regulators and academics. Financial institutions use the Topic Pages, which organize legal obligations by area of law and by desk-specific concerns. For law firms, the rich content model integrates all relevant government materials and analysis. Litigators use the search tools to monitor enforcement actions (there are over 50,000 securities law enforcement releases on the Cabinet) by regulator, activity, entity, product and penalty amount. Regulators and academics use the Cabinet to track news, laws, rules and proposed rules, as well as to obtain a sense of industry’s reaction to legal developments.

To find out more about Cabinet Premium, please contact William Sadd at 212-993-2818, or

Cadwalader Cabinet At-A-Glance

  • A daily digest of news, original analysis and alerts focused on U.S. financial regulation.
  • Easy access to a curated selection of more than 180,000 documents, including public laws, statutes, rules, no-action letters, federal register releases and regulatory guidance. The materials cover all aspects of U.S. financial regulation -- from securities laws, to the Commodity Exchange Act, the various banking laws, anti-money-laundering and numerous other topics.
  • Related material on a single topic all presented on one page; e.g., rules linked to related federal register releases, no-action letters and regulatory guidance.
  • Dynamic search capabilities combining word search with multi-faceted filters producing results spanning regulatory agencies. 
  • Lofchie’s Guides and other Cabinet books and memoranda providing plain-English context to a complex regulatory environment. 
  • Calendars that provide the ability to synchronize rule effective dates and other deadlines to personal calendars.
  • Tools to help users streamline compliance processes by automating the creation of legal documents and analyzing regulatory questions.