Cadwalader White Collar Team Featured in GIR’s New Global Investigations Guide

January 28, 2019

Cadwalader's White Collar Defense and Investigations Group has contributed two chapters to Global Investigations Review's new edition of The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations. Now in its third edition, the Guide offers a single point of reference full of practical guidance from leading practitioners around the world on how to navigate the challenges of a cross-border investigation. 

The two chapters are as follows:

The Guide provides guidance on the challenges that companies face when responding to a suspected instance of corporate wrongdoing. The Guide also covers local laws and procedures on every aspect of corporate criminal liability. To extricate oneself with minimal impact requires nuance and the ability to blend knowledge of the local law with the bigger picture and, in particular, to understand how countries showing an interest will vary in approach, expectations or conclusions.

The Guide is now split into two volumes: Volume I details every phase of a serious corporate investigation from the UK and US perspectives. Volume II presents detailed surveys of the relevant law and practice in 21 jurisdictions, now including Australia, Canada and Mexico, using a standard template.

The Guide is available online to all visitors to the GIR website and in hard copy to subscribers of GIR as part of their subscription. Additional copies can be purchased in the Global Investigations Review bookshop, priced £295. The Guide will be updated annually, and updates will be posted on the GIR website throughout the year.