Cadwalader Launches Women in ESG Network with Inaugural Event

June 06, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Cadwalader Women in ESG Network, a programme that brings together a community of changemakers who are committed to creating an equitable, prosperous and sustainable future. Through peer-to-peer learning, sharing of resources, community events, addressing of barriers and collaboration, our goal is to bring together our clients, partner organisations and lawyers, and provide a platform to connect and develop the ESG sector.

Our inaugural event was held in partnership with 2X Global and included a panel discussion on the “S” in ESG, areas of growth and leverage for scale with Cadwalader partner and ESG Co-Chair Sukhvir Basran, Sana Kapadia, Director of Strategy from 2X Global and Professor Rosemary Addis AM, Managing Partner of Mondiale Impact.

Sukhvir Basran said, “I am very excited by the launch of the Cadwalader Women in ESG Network. The success and speed of the global transition to a sustainable economy require collaboration and strong partnerships with justice, equality, diversity and inclusion at the core of all efforts. We are thrilled to host our inaugural event with 2X Global, a membership and field-building organisation focused on unlocking gender-smart capital at scale. We hope that the launch of the Cadwalader Women in ESG Network provides a platform that brings together a community to help drive this transition forward through peer-to-peer learning, education, training and the creation of practical tools and solutions.”

Added London Managing Partner Greg Petrick, “This initiative is very important to me and our Firm for several important reasons. First, our work on gender equality is never finished. This programme is a continuation of promotion of women and diversity in general to the betterment of our practice. Second, the focus of the discussion, sustainability, is central to many of our client’s interests as they adapt to changing demands of the investment capital market. The more we can learn together will help us serve you and your institutions. Lastly, it is an opportunity to accelerate progress on ESG through the power of leveraging collaboration with so many important partners within the 2X Global umbrella. We are gratefully for the opportunity to advance these objectives through the Cadwalader Women in ESG Network."