VS.: Confronting Modern Slavery in America is a forum for raising public awareness that human trafficking exists in America. It is a roundtable for frontline organizations and agencies to connect, interact, engage the public and advocate for change. It is a platform for the anti-trafficking community to work collaboratively and innovatively together, outside organizational silos, toward common goals. It is an alliance with advocates of legislative reform to decriminalize victims of human trafficking and to recognize them for who they are: victims of modern slavery. It is a voice for the needs of human trafficking survivors and the organizations working to help them. This transformative website (www.vsconfronts.org) is produced by Cadwalader’s Center for Community Service, to share knowledge and empower those who want to learn and help.

The Mission of VS. is to heighten public awareness of human trafficking in America through dissemination through the VS. website of critical information and best practices, and to provide a platform for anti-trafficking organizations and agencies to work collaboratively and innovatively together, outside their organizational silos, toward common goals. VS. was created in the belief that human trafficking has no place in America and with the knowledge that no one person, organization, or agency alone can stop what the president called "one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time".

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