Debt & Claims Trading


Cadwalader's Debt and Claims Trading Practice provides in-depth knowledge and holistic advice to clients on all aspects of secondary trading, including tax, regulatory, insolvency and special situation analysis. Our lawyers advise clients from the outset of an investment - from the initial review of credit documentation, non-performing loan portfolios, trading analysis and execution, through to debt restructuring and navigation of the various insolvency regimes throughout Europe. We understand the need for the swift execution of trades and pride ourselves on providing the most responsive legal advice without compromising quality. Our lawyers' breadth of knowledge and experience in financial restructuring, tax, regulation and insolvency sets us apart from the competition, enabling us to provide the integrated, insightful legal analysis and market intelligence that clients need.


Distressed Debt Trading and Par Loan Transactions: Advising institutional investors and funds on debt investments requires a broad understanding of the different tax, regulatory and insolvency regimes that apply to borrowers and investors in jurisdictions across the world.  The team has more than 10 years' experience in the secondary markets and helped create the standard documentation that is relied upon by traders today.  

Cadwalader has the largest team in Europe dedicated to secondary trading.  We staff trades appropriately to reflect client needs and size of investment.  We are experienced in advising on all aspects of secondary trading in multiple jurisdictions, from confidentiality agreements and standard par "vanilla" trades to complex distressed debt portfolio transactions and non-performing loan investments.

We provide a global platform from our offices in London and New York, offering clients market insight into the evolving regulatory, business and legal issues affecting the secondary debt market.

Claims Trading: Our claims trading lawyers have a strong reputation for setting the standard for trading documentation at the onset of volatile distressed situations where timing is key.  Claims instructions include the filing of claims and creation of market standard documentation for trading claims against Lehman entities, the Icelandic insolvent banks Glitnir, Kaupthing and LBI (formerly Landsbanki) and MF Global U.K., U.S., Australia and Singapore.

Working closely with local law firms and other professionals that are the best in the field, our lawyers provide seamless service and bespoke advice on new claims situations across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Acting for acquirers of German Schuldscheine including SolarWorld AG and Hellenic Republic
  • Acting for acquirers of debt in I.V.G. Immobilen AG
  • Acting for an acquirer of a controlling stake in Pfliederer GmbH debt
  • Acting for acquirers of debt and claims of Alteco and MAG Import
  • Acting for acquirers and sellers of Metrovacesa
  • Acting for acquirers of Pescanova S.A.
  • Acting for acquirers of Inmobiliario Colonial
  • Acting for a group of holders of Samos Servicios y Gestiones (SAMOS) debt
  • Acting for acquirers of Frans Bonhomme SAS
  • Acting for acquirers of Grupo Cortefiel
  • Acting for acquirers of Gecina SA
  • Acting for acquirers of McCarthy & Stone (Developments) Ltd
  • Acting for acquirers of New Look Ltd
  • Acting for acquirers of IBRC (in special liquidation) (formerly Anglo Irish Bank) bond claims
  • Acting for acquirers of Al Gosaibi claims
  • Acting for acquirers of Arcapita Bank B.S.C. debt/claims
  • Acting for acquirers of Icelandic claims including Glitnir hf., Kaupthing hf. and LBI hf. (formerly Landsbanki Íslands hf.)
  • Acting for brokers, buyers and sellers of MFGlobal UK Ltd, MF Global Holdings Ltd and MF Global Finance USA Inc.
  • Acting for brokers, buyers and sellers of Lehman Brothers claims (UK, US, Germany, Asia)
  • Acting on a large portfolio purchase of debt and claims from an Austrian bank
  • Acting on a large portfolio of shipping loans with borrowers located across Asia

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