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Already regarded as one of the premier state Attorney General practices in the United States, led by former NAAG President and Maryland state Attorney General, Doug Gansler, Cadwalader continues to rack up substantial victories on behalf of its clients.

In recent months, Cadwalader achieved major victories in multistate, multiple state and individual state representations in the  financial services, transportation, Title IX, pharmaceuticals, student loans, technology, and consumer areas. 

Among the highlights: 

  • Since February 2021, Cadwalader has represented Capital Express Mobility Partners (CEMP) in its well-grounded protest regarding a major road construction project against the Office of the Attorney General, on behalf of the Maryland Department of Transportation, due to its selection of a Phase Developer for the largest public, private partnership in the United States. CEMP protested on four grounds: 1) that the government erred in its selection because it lacked a Lead Contractor with design-build experience; 2) the Financial Proposal did not comply with the terms of the RFP; 3) unrealistic financial inputs undermined its ability to deliver the project; and 4) the government erred in downgrading CEMP’s technical proposal score. Doug Gansler led the Cadwalader team in its successful writ of administrative mandamus and, in October, the Appellate Court of Maryland heard Gansler’s oral argument on the appeal.

  • A team of Global Litigation attorneys secured complete relief for Georgia K. Angelos in a contentious dispute over the ownership of her husband’s law firm. The Cadwalader team − led by partners Doug Gansler and Jonathan Watkins − represents Mrs. Angelos in an intra-family dispute involving control over the assets of Peter G. Angelos, Mrs. Angelos’s husband who is currently incapacitated. The contested assets include the majority interest in the Baltimore Orioles and the Law Firm of Peter G. Angelos, which is well-known for its decades-long success in asbestos and other personal injury litigation. Mrs. Angelos serves as the sole attorney-in-fact of Peter’s estate, which includes the law firm.

In an effort to exert control over the law firm, Louis Angelos, an attorney and Mrs. Angelos’s son, circumvented Mrs. Angelos’s authority and purported to act on behalf of his father to sell the law firm to himself for no consideration and without prior notice or permission from Mrs. Angelos. 

The Cadwalader team moved to rescind the purported sale and bar Louis from asserting ownership of the law firm. Minutes before the hearing on the motion was set to begin, Louis capitulated and agreed to the complete terms of Mrs. Angelos’s requested relief. With Mrs. Angelos’s consent, the Court also agreed to appoint an independent conservator to conduct a thorough investigation of the law firm and recommend next steps on its disposition.

While litigation on the remaining assets continues, this was a powerful first step in helping Mrs. Angelos retain control over her husband’s estate, as her husband had wished. 


February 7, 2023
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