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CCPA, SHIELD Act to take back seat during coronavirus pandemic?

Compliance Week (3/24/20)

Doug Gansler comments on the approach of state Attorneys General to statutes enforcement during periods of strained resources.  

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Win Could Bolster Struggling Firm Defense

Bloomberg Law (2/12/20)

In light of Judge Marrero’s consideration of Sprint’s poor financial outlook in dismissing the multistate antitrust suit against T-Mobile’s takeover of the company, Joel Mitnick says that the DOJ and the FTC will likely consider the impact of a company’s finances in their future merger-review process ­-- and merging companies will likely feel encouraged to cite this decision.

Trump’s Antitrust Officials Get Win With T-Mobile Verdict

The Wall Street Journal (2/11/2020)

Joel Mitnick comments on Judge Marrero’s approach in ruling against the multistate legal challenge to T-Mobile’s takeover of Sprint.

Handling California’s ambitious data-privacy law

Corporate Secretary (2/5/2020)

Doug Gansler and Global Litigation Chair Jason Halper contributed to a bylined article authored by White Collar Defense & Investigations attorney Joe Moreno that explains the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and discusses how targeted businesses can prepare to be held accountable for complying with this sweeping and first-of-its-kind data privacy law.

Major Antitrust Developments To Watch In 2020

Law360 (1/1/2020)

Doug Gansler and Joel Mitnick comment on some high-profile Big Tech and telecom antitrust litigation and investigations that are continuing into 2020.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Policy To Watch In 2020

Law360 (1/1/2020)

Doug Gansler explains how a “primary battleground” in 2020 will be over whether individual states determine to adopt all or part of The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which has already created disruption within the technology community.

The AGs Challenging T-Mobile/Sprint & The Ones Left Behind

Law360 (12/6/2019)

Doug Gansler provides perspective on the shifting shape of a multistate suit that seeks to stop T-Mobile US Inc.'s purchase of Sprint Corp.

States Keep Door Open for Better Antitrust Deal From T-Mobile

Bloomberg Law (12/3/2019)

Doug Gansler discusses the appeal for several states in settling their antitrust claims with T-Mobile US Inc. and Sprint Corp. over their proposed multibillion dollar merger.

Pai Drawing Up New Robocall Regs If Carriers Don't Hustle

Law360 (11/21/2019)

In addition to pressure from federal regulators, Doug Gansler underscores the attention that state regulators are focusing on phone carriers to implement robocall enforcement measures.

Big Tech Antitrust Probes to Stretch States’ Limits

Bloomberg Law (11/06/2019)

Doug Gansler addresses why state attorneys general may choose to partner with outside counsel as part of complex and expensive multistate investigations and lawsuits, while pointing to prior high-profile probes where such arrangements were in effect.  

After Mississippi Exit, AGs' T-Mobile Suit May Dwindle

Law360 (10/11/2019)

Doug Gansler suggests some influencing factors that states may weigh when striking antitrust settlement deals.

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