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DOJ Keeps Heat On Advisers Despite Quiet End To Bain Case

Law360 (11/19/20)

Doug Gansler and Antitrust partner Joel Mitnick share their insights on law enforcement information requests, known as civil investigative demands (CIDs), as part of a recent related case.

Justice ready to charge Google with monopoly search practices

Axios (10/12/20)

Doug Gansler shares his insights into the U.S. Justice Department’s anticipated antitrust lawsuit against Google.

Big Tech On Capitol Hill

Cheddar (7/29/20)

In this interview, Doug Gansler discusses some of the key themes facing Big Tech executives ahead of their Congressional testimony.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google CEOs to Testify on Wednesday: Here's What to Watch

The Street (7/27/20)

Doug Gansler shares some of his expectations for the Big Tech Congressional antitrust hearings.

December 15, 2020 | Issue No. 3
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