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Cadwalader lawyers were featured in a number of press reports related to state AG topics.

Parallel Google Probes Highlight Cracks Between Enforcers
Law360 (9/12/19)
Doug Gansler and Joel Mitnick comment on the expanding role of state AGs in pursuing large corporate antitrust and privacy probes, and how they’re diverging from the approach of federal regulators in some high-profile instances.    

State probes into Big Tech are a ‘backstop’ in case the feds back down, say antitrust experts
CNBC (9/9/2019)
Doug Gansler and Joel Mitnick share their respective views in this article about the interplay of state AGs and the U.S. government in the growing investigations of big technology business practices.  

Investigating Big Tech
CNN (9/9/2019)
Doug Gansler comments on the developing antitrust probes into big technology companies.

"The Most Valuable U.S. Tech Company Escapes Scrutiny From Regulators"
Cheddar (9/9/2019)
Joel Mitnick discusses key elements of the growing antitrust scrutiny on big tech and provides some insights on previous investigations over the years.

Google emerges as target of a new state attorneys general antitrust probe
The Washington Post (9/4/2019)
Doug Gansler comments on the potential for a bipartisan multi-state probe to influence subsequent action from the federal government.  

AGs, Carriers' Cooperation Won't Stem Robocall Litigation
Law360 (8/26/19)
Doug Gansler comments on a new information-sharing partnership between major phone carriers and attorneys general across the country expected to expedite the tracking and prosecution of robocall scammers and the networks that enable them.

Cadwalader Partner Douglas Gansler on the Growing Power of State Attorneys General
Corporate Crime Reporter (8/15/19)
Doug Gansler discusses how the power of the state Attorneys General has grown significantly in recent years.

Texas Blurs Partisan Divide In Sprint/T-Mobile Challenge
Law360 (8/2/19)
Doug Gansler and Joel Mitnick break down the implications of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joining the previously all-Democrat coalition of state Attorneys General challenging the Sprint/T-Mobile merger. 

Sprint, T-Mobile Approval Tees Up Rare Antitrust Courtroom Duel
Bloomberg Law (8/1/19)
Joel Mitnick comments on the parallel enforcement lawsuits in different federal courts related to the Sprint/T-Mobile merger.

States’ Lawsuit Muddles T-Mobile and Sprint Deal Plans
The Wall Street Journal (7/30/19)
Joel Mitnick comments on the legal hurdles facing the Sprint, T-Mobile merger.

3 Issues That Will Control The Coming Sprint/T-Mobile Battle
Law360 (7/29/19)
Joel Mitnick comments on the T-Mobile/Sprint $56 billion merger and its coming clash with more than a dozen Democratic state Attorneys General.

Buckley Partner Heads to Cadwalader to Launch State AG Practice
The American Lawyer (6/7/19)
As some government enforcement has shifted to the states, Doug Gansler said he expects that many of Cadwalader's existing clients will benefit from the new practice.

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