Annual Diversity Report

Our 2022 Diversity Brochure once again tells an important story of our continued progress toward achieving our diversity, equity & inclusion objectives.

Cadwalader has a determined and ongoing commitment to achieve a diverse and inclusive work environment and, under the auspices of the Cadwalader Center for Diversity and Inclusion, has developed a framework of ever-evolving initiatives to make consistent and meaningful progress toward our goals.

Some highlights of this year's Diversity Brochure include write-ups on our Diversity Supplier Program, our Catherine Noyes Lee 2L Diversity Scholarship, our Diversity Talent Management Programs, and our Girls in Finance Workshop. You can view the report here.

Key Contacts

Aisha Greene
Chief Attorney Development and Inclusion Officer

Annie Mohan
Senior Manager, Pro Bono and CSR

CSR @Cadwalader

Pro Bono @Cadwalader


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