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Welcome to this week's newsletter, where we delve into crucial developments shaping the financial landscape.

There was plenty going on this week, like the big bank CEOs appearing at the Senate Banking Committee, or the OCC’s guidance on Buy Now, Pay Later Lending for National Banks and Federal thrifts that we could have highlighted, but seem well covered elsewhere. Instead, I wanted to highlight the important speech Fed Vice Chair of Supervision Michael Barr gave at the end of last week on liquidity risk management and his encouragement for firms to test their access to the discount window through test transactions in good times.

My colleague Mercedes Tunstall discusses the final segment of her four part series covering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed rule on personal financial data rights.

Maurine Bartlett and Michael Gambro dive into the SEC's finalization of their rule prohibiting conflicts of interest in securitizations. Plus, Alix Prentice explores the UK's Financial Conduct Authority and how they are considering rule changes allowing overseas funds to market to UK retail customers, and Sukhvir Basran comments on the EU Council’s new green bond standard.

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Daniel Meade 
Partner and Editor, Cabinet News and Views

December 7, 2023
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