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After a long journey, tomorrow marks the end of the transition away from LIBOR.

But as we know, and as we’ve been reminded for the past few years by my colleague Lary Stromfeld, a market-leading legal voice on LIBOR transition, life without LIBOR won’t look all that different than it does today. We’re not back in 1999 when, as many of us remember, unfounded fears about Y2K nearly paralyzed our organizations’ operations. As Lary tells us, the sun will indeed come out on Saturday. Be sure to read Lary’s “Commencement Speech.” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  

For those in the U.S. celebrating Independence Day on Tuesday, have a great Fourth of July weekend. Enjoy the barbecues, pool and beach trips, hikes and, of course, fireworks. Happy 247th birthday to our nation. 

Daniel Meade 
Partner and Editor, Cabinet News and Views

June 29, 2023
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