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The images of banking industry leaders and federal regulators in Washington answering to Congress on what went wrong with Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank made for some can't-miss TV this week. Maybe not quite the NBA playoffs, Succession or American Idol, but you get the picture.

Whether this is just theater or leads to some honest introspection about what happened and how we can all ensure that large banks are able to be resolved in a more orderly fashion remains to be seen. I take a closer look in this week's issue.

My colleague Peter Malyshev also takes a look at a proposed broadening of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission enforcement powers and, in London, Alix Prentice examines the FCA's proposal on revamped remuneration rules. We've also included an important news item from Rachel Rodman and Simon Walsh from our sister publication, Cadwalader Climate, on results of the 2022 Eurosystem Balance Sheet Climate Risk Stress Test.

Any thoughts? You can reach out to me here.

Daniel Meade 
Partner and Editor, Cabinet News and Views

May 18, 2023
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