In This Issue ...

This is a busy time of year for a lot of reasons. 

There are the holidays, of course, but this is also a great time to take stock of the year that was and to do some crystal ball-gazing into the future. So this week’s issue does a bit of “looking back” at 2022 and “looking ahead” to 2023, including a look at the FTX situation that will likely feature prominently in the weeks and months to come.  

Mentioned several times as we’re looking back and looking ahead is sustainability, and along those lines, we’re excited to welcome ESG finance and investment partner Sukhvir Basran to Cadwalader. Sukhvir is based in London and has established a global profile as a market-leading ESG attorney. 

But even with the anticipation of the new year, there are still very important developments in the news every day − none more prominent than continued and intensified discussion around crypto asset regulation. My colleagues Philip Khinda and Kendra Wharton take a look at important new SEC guidance following recent developments.  

This will be our final issue of 2022. Thank you for your loyal readership over the past year, and we hope we were able to provide some helpful insights and analysis. We’ll aim to do more of the same in 2023. 

Happy holidays, all.

Daniel Meade 
Editor, Cabinet News and Views

December 15, 2022
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