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We appreciate all the kind comments and support for our premiere issue of the new Cabinet News and Views last week. 

For this week's issue, few topics have dominated the financial news over the past few years more than the transition away from LIBOR. We encourage you to take a look, in tandem, at our takeaways from the new federal LIBOR legislation and our Cadwalader Corner Q&A interview with Morgan Stanley's Tom Wipf, who also serves as the chair of the Federal Reserve's Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC). Tom provides some insights into where the LIBOR transition stands now in light of President Biden's signing into law of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, which includes federal legislation that covers legacy financial contracts tied to LIBOR. 

Speaking of topics in the news, in this week's In Depth article, Michael Ruder looks at possible SEC amendments to enhance and standardize registrants’ climate-related disclosures for investors. 

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Daniel Meade & Michael Sholem
Co-Editors, Cabinet News and Views

March 17, 2022 | Issue No. 2
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