Investing in Our Youth

In March, London partner Adam Blakemore volunteered his time to interview Year 10 students at Sarah Bonnell School who are applying for the role of prefect for their final school year. All students in Year 10 were given the prefect job description and invited to apply by filling out a formal application form. The applicants were then invited to an interview slot. As part of professionalizing the role of prefects, for the sixth year running, the school invited external interviewers from the business world to interview the students. The aim is to give students a realistic experience of a job interview, with someone they don’t know, and to ensure it is a fair and transparent process.

Adam had an excellent experience and was pleased to see many of our clients and a representamen from the UK’s financial regulator attending the interviews also.

The school is a state-funded, non-selective school in a deprived area of London. This opportunity was referred to the Firm by East London Business Alliance (ELBA).

Key Contacts

Aisha Greene
Chief Attorney Development and Inclusion Officer

Annie Mohan
Senior Manager, Pro Bono and CSR

CSR @Cadwalader

Pro Bono @Cadwalader


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