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The Biden Administration: Key Treasury and IRS Positions

President Joe Biden recently announced nominees for key posts in the Treasury Department:


Trump Administration

Biden Administration

Secretary of the Treasury

Steven Mnuchin

Janet Yellen

Deputy Secretary

Justin Muzinich

Wally Adeyemo**

Under Secretary for Domestic Finance

Craig Phillips*

Nellie Liang**

Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy

David Kautter

Lily Batchelder**

Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy

Michael Faulkender

Ben Harris**

Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs

Andrew Maloney

Brian McGuire

Jonathan Davidson**

* Phillips held the title of “Counselor” and was never confirmed by the Senate.

** These individuals have been nominated for the post, but have not yet been confirmed by the Senate.

Additionally, there have been a number of changes in top IRS positions since Biden took office in January:


Trump Administration

Biden Administration

Internal Revenue Commissioner

John Koskinen

David Kautter*

Charles P. Rettig

Charles P. Rettig

Chief of Staff

Lia Colbert

Kevin McIver

Kevin McIver

IRS Chief Counsel

Micheal J. Desmond

William M. Paul*

National Taxpayer Advocate

Nina E. Olsen

Erin M. Collins

Chief, IRS Independent Office of Appeals

Donna Hansberry

Andy Keyso

Chief, Communications and Liaison

Terry Lemons

Terry Lemons

Deputy Commissioner for Services and Environment

Kirsten Wielobob

Sunita Lough

Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support

Jeffrey Tribiano

Jeffrey Tribiano

* Denotes Acting Assignment.

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