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Awards & Endorsements

Awards & Rankings

For our Lawyers:

  • 2015: Steven Lofchie named Lawyer of the Year by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers for Securities Regulation in New York.
  • 2014: Scott Cammarn named Lawyer of the Year by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers for Banking and Finance Law in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009: Steven Lofchie is the only lawyer in the United States ranked by Chambers in its first tier in both financial regulation and derivatives.

  • 2014: Raymond Banoun, Bradley Bondi, Ken Irvin, Adam Lurie, Greg Mocek, Paul Pantano, and Ken Wainstein named to US News & World Report and Best Lawyers 2015 Best Lawyers in America in Washington, DC.
  • 2014: Bradley Bondi named to the Top 40 Under 40 investigations lawyers by Global Investigations Review, and named to Enforcement 40 as one of the top 40 SEC enforcement defense lawyers by Securities Docket.
  • 2013: Gregory Mocek named Lawyer of the Year by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers for Derivatives and Futures Law in Washington, DC.
  • 2013: Raymond Banoun and Peter Clark named "FCPA Master' by Main Justice.

  • 2013: Peter Isajiw named a Rising Star by New York Law Journal.

  • 2013: Scott Cammarn named Lawyer of the Year by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers for Financial Services Regulation Law in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 2012: Winner of the IFLR Americas Securitization and Structured Finance Deal of the Year - BNP/Janus (Lofchie).
  • 2012: Doug Donahue named a Rising Star of Derivatives by Derivatives Week/Derivatives Intelligence.
  • 2011: Brian Foster named a Rising Star of Derivatives by Derivatives Week/Derivatives Intelligence.
  • Steven Lofchie, Richard Schetman, Ray Shirazi, Lary Stromfeld, Jeff Robins, Scott Cammarn, Paul Pantano, Ivan Loncar, Doug Donahue, James Frazier, Maurine Bartlett, Angus Duncan, Nick Shiren, Michael Gambro, Neil Weidner, Stuart Goldstein, David Quirolo and Gary Silverstein are all regularly ranked by the major directories - Chambers, IFLR, Legal 500.

For our Practice:

  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012: Winner of Law Firm of the Year Award for Derivatives and Futures Law by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers.
  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011: Named National Tier One in Derivatives by firm by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers.
  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011: Named National Tier One firm in Structured Finance by US News & World Report and Best Lawyers.
  • 2014: Winner of the IFLR Americas Financial Regulation Team of the Year.
  • 2013, 2012: Winner of the IFLR Americas Securitization and Structured Finance Team of the Year.
  • 2012: Winner of the Derivatives Week/Derivatives Intelligence Law Firm of the Year Award.

Recognition from Regulators and Industry Leaders

For the Daily News:

  • "I regularly read the Cadwalader Cabinet News and I find it an invaluable way to keep up to date with developments at the SEC and the CFTC. I enjoy Mr. Lofchie's comments and I appreciate the links to original documents."
    -Roberta Karmel, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School; Former Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • "Reading the latest offerings on Steven Lofchie's engaging, informative and always opinionated Cadwalader Cabinet Newsletter is one of the pleasant necessities of my working day.  But the Cabinet and the newsletter are so much more.  They are an indispensable tool for practitioners today.  His discussions of the issues that private funds face in complying with SEC and CFTC regulations reflect understandings informed by substantial experience, as well as an understanding of the legal and economic issues."
    -R. Dan Connell, President, ConceptONE

For the Cabinet:

  • "A one-stop reference that gives anyone who has a need to know about financial regulation a comprehensive toolkit for understanding the regulation of broker-dealers and securities markets."
    Eric Sirri, Professor of Finance at Babson College; Former Director of Trading and Markets at the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • "A library where if you want to look at the broker-dealer equivalent to a Dodd-Frank rule it is hyperlinked and at your fingertips. .. [This] is an amazing service for clients."
    Chambers USA, Client Quote

  • "Information in an accessible manner that will be readily understood by those on the business side, just as much as those on the legal and compliance side."
    David Harris, President of CBOE Stock Exchange

  • "Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP [provides] an extremely useful, easy-to-use and affordable, Web-based Dodd-Frank tool that may be the answer to all your compliance woes. It's called the Cadwalader Cabinet, and it's the most organized Dodd-Frank regulatory library we've ever seen.  .. [They] also produce . . .  in nearly real-time, first-rate analysis of commissioner's speeches, notices, regulatory and associated legal decisions."
    -John Sodergreen
    , Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Scudder Publishing and Editor-in-Chief, Scudder Publishing

  • "I have found Steven's Cadwalader Cabinet to be an excellent place for "one stop shopping" for both primary sources and commentary in the financial services arena - occasionally dished up with a bit of humor. .. The Cabinet is the best site in the field. "
    Grant CalleryFormer General Counsel of the National Association of Securities Dealers

  • "The world of financial regulation is often complex and uncertain, but Lofchie presents his knowledge and experience in a clear, concise and understandable style. A thorough understanding of legal material and financial markets results in careful but practical advice for decision makers. Lofchie's use of technology is creative, permitting users to shift back and forth from his guidance and interpretation to source statutory and regulatory material. The Guide is an expert resource for anyone who needs to understand financial regulation."
    -Larry Goodman, President of Center for Financial Stability; Former Quantitative Policy Analyst for the U.S. Treasury

  • "In his online library the Cadwalader Cabinet, Steven Lofchie provides the information and advice that in-house lawyers need to do their job in a very efficient manner.  Materials are logically organized and easily accessible. He brings to every area of law not just an understanding of the plain language of the rule, but also of market practice, and regulatory policy and practice."
    Gary DeWaal, President of Gary DeWaal and Associates; Former Senior Managing Director and Group General Counsel, Newedge

For our Legal Guides:

  • "I first became acquainted with Mr. Lofchie's work through his discussion of the definition of the term "swap," which was the most thoughtful and complete discussion of the topic of which I am aware.  And it was well-written.  All of the other work that I have seen from Mr. Lofchie is of similar quality."
    -Joseph Grundfest, Professor of Law and Business, Co-Director of the Rock Center on Corporate Governance, Stanford Law School; Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • "Steven Lofchie is one of the most accomplished and lucid commentators on the consequences of sweeping financial market reform.  His new hedge fund guide, along with the previously published guide to pool regulation, will further cement his reputation as the most astute and practical lawyer writing for both the user and dealer communities in regard to  navigating legal and compliance requirements."
    -Jim Newsome, Founding Partner of Delta Strategy Group; Former Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

  • "Lofchie's criticisms and comments on policy matters provide the reader with active intellectual challenges. The Guide is a great reference for lawyers, regulators, scholars, and brokerage industry members."
    -David Ruder
    , Professor of Law Emeritus, Northwestern University School of Law; Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • "Lofchie has done a superb job in navigating extremely complex issues. This undertaking represents a tremendous research effort. It is both comprehensive and practical, not an easy achievement. I plan to keep the manual right at my fingertips. The online version will make the manual all the more valuable - I am hoping to immediately download to my iPad."
    -Marcy Cohen, Managing Director and General Counsel, Americas, ING Financial Services

  • "Steven Lofchie's new guide to the world of hedge funds is as indispensable as the two existing books on the Cadwalader Cabinet, "Guide to Broker Dealer Regulation," and "Guide to CPO-CTA Regulation." They form a trio each of which are and will be widely seen as the industry standard."
    -Sharon Brown-Hruska, Vice President in NERA's Securities and Finance Practice; Former Acting Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

  • "Steven Lofchie has a wide range of expertise involving many aspects of the global financial regulatory world.  The information resources provided by the Cadwalader Cabinet are a tremendous asset to me and the law school, and the new Guide on Hedge Fund Regulation is a great complement to his existing treatises on broker-dealer and commodities regulation.  I use the Cadwalader Cabinet every day; it is a must read for everyone in the financial services industry."
    -Ronald Filler, Professor of Law and Director of Center on Financial Services Law, New York Law School; Chairman of the Global Markets Advisory Committee of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

For our Cross-Border Work:

  • "In areas where both innovation and deep knowledge matter, Cadwalader is proving the firm of choice for international banks.  The team has a breadth of experience on matters relating to banking compliance following Dodd-Frank implementation.  Cadwalader regularly advises international trade associations on new and developing regulation including the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Managed Funds Association, and Canadian Bankers Association.  The firm's broker-dealer regulatory group remains one of the best in the U.S."
    -International Financial Law Review