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November 20, 2015: MSRB draft rule amendments to Rule G-15 ("Confirmation, Clearance, Settlement and Other Uniform Practice Requirements with Respect to Transactions with Customers") to require broker-dealers and municipal dealers to disclose the mark-up or mark-down on retail customer confirmations for specified principal transactions (MSRB Reg. Notice 2015-16) - Submit comments to the MSRB

November 23, 2015: Proposed CFTC amendment in connection with the material terms for which counterparties must resolve discrepancies when engaging in portfolio reconciliation (80 FR 57129) - Submit comments to the CFTC

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"Cadwalader is proving the firm of choice for international banks. The firm's broker-dealer regulatory group remains one of the best in the U.S." -IFLR » See more Awards & Endorsements