Trump Administration Legal Developments

The election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, coupled with Republican control of both chambers of Congress, will likely result in significant developments in U.S. financial-related laws and markets. The most sweeping changes will require legislation.  President Trump and the Republican-led Congress will also have numerous non-legislative means to reform and reshape financial and economic regulation broadly and within specific industries.

Through our program of memos, webinars, and other thought leadership and analysis, our multi-disciplinary team of experienced attorneys will provide clients with vital insight and practical guidance.

Client Briefings and Practical Insights:

 - Change By Appointment (11/18/2016)
 - White Collar Crime Law Enforcement in a Trump Justice Dept: 8 Predictions (11/29/2016)
 - Tools to Modify Current Tax Guidance (11/30/2016)
 - The Future of Health Care (12/6/2016)
 - Change By Executive Action and Inaction (12/9/2016)
 - Potential Levers of Regulatory Change Affecting the Commodities Markets (12/21/2016)
 - Status of the Affordable Care Act Repeal Efforts (1/23/2017)
 - Prospects for U.S. Tax Reform Under President Trump  (1/27/2017)
 - President Trump Issues Executive Actions on Dodd-Frank and the DOL Fiduciary Rule (2/6/2017)
 - Will European Privacy in the United States be Trumped? (2/14/2017)
 - Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign: Changes in Store for SEC Enforcement under the Trump Administration (3/6/2017)
 - Energy Infrastructure Projects Still Face Challenges after Trump Administration Executive Orders (3/8/17)
 - Proposed Federal Cybersecurity Regulations for Financial Institutions Face an Uncertain Future (3/13/17)
 - Broadband Internet Service Providers In Regulatory Limbo After Repeal of FCC Privacy and Data Security Rules (4/20/17)
 - President Trump Nominates Joe Simons to Chair the Federal Trade Commission; President Also Nominates Noted Consumer Protection Advocate Rohit Chopra to the Commission (10/20/17)
-  Does a 2016 Law Strip DOJ and DEA of Police Powers to Enforce Drug Laws? (11/1/17) 

The Cabinet Center for Administrative Transition (CCAT) is Cadwalader's curated repository of pronouncements, policies and proposals for legislative and regulatory changes that reflect the financial services agendas of President Donald Trump, the new administration and Congress. Here you will find the material you need to stay abreast of the legal and regulatory developments that affect you, your company and the U.S. financial markets. Access to the CCAT is free for anyone who requests a password.

CCAT is intended to be a forum that lends expression to the debate over how best to regulate financial markets. We hope that it will provide a vibrant platform on which ideas can clash. We hope it will be a "go-to," one-stop resource for all who want to follow the development of the law that will guide our markets. As always, we will continue to provide legal and policy commentaries as this story unfolds. 

Key Contacts for Trump Administration Legal Developments:

Financial Services
Maurine Bartlett
Scott Cammarn
Brian Foster
Steven Lofchie
Ivan Loncar
Dorothy Mehta
Jeffrey Robins
Richard Schetman
Ray Shirazi
Lary Stromfeld
Jonathan Wainwright

Pamela Landman
Stephanie Marcantonio
Brian McGovern
Paul Mourning

Mark Howe
Linda Swartz
Edward Wei


White Collar
Bret Campbell
Joseph Facciponti
Joseph Moreno
Anne Tompkins

William Mills

Executive Compensation & ERISA
Jamie Frazier
Gillian Moldowan


Capital Markets
Joseph Beach
Michael Gambro

Christopher Gavin
Anna Glick
Stuart Goldstein
Gregg Jubin
Jeffrey Rotblat
Neil Weidner

Mark Haskell


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