Enforcement Roundtable: Navigating Jurisdictional Currents Shaping the U.S. Gas and Power Markets

In an in-depth discussion of the current regulatory enforcement climate in which we see regulators increasingly seeking to expand their jurisdictional boundaries, Cadwalader attorneys Paul Pantano, Jr. and Mark Haskell will present an overview of the overlapping and sometimes conflicting federal and state, and FERC and CFTC jurisdictional issues raising concerns for market participants. 

Topics will include:

  • Limitations on state action affecting ISO/RTO operations under the Federal Power Act
  • New jurisdictional issues affecting the convergence of gas and power markets
  • Establishing the boundaries of federal jurisdiction under the Natural Gas Act and Federal Power Ac
  • The CFTC’s proposal to allow private claims under the CEA for manipulation and fraud in connection with RTO and ISO transactions
  • Dueling CFTC and FERC jurisdictional claims over financially-settled transactions

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