American Conference Institute's 14th National Forum on Energy Trading Compliance and Regulatory Enforcement

Cadwalader counsel George D. Billinson will be participating in a workshop primer entitled "Energy Trading Regulation and Compliance Boot Camp: A Guide to Relevant Agencies, Key Regulations, and Compliance Fundamentals", at the ACI's 14th National Forum on Energy Trading Compliance and Regulatory Enforcement.  This workshop primer will provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory framework governing the complex area of energy trading.  It will provide definitions, clarification of key terminology, statutes and regulations, and an overview of key stakeholders involved in energy trading compliance programs.

Topics include:

  • Overview of FERC and CFTC's mandate role and responsibilities - specifying what FERC and CFTC actually regulate.
  • Identifying and exploring responsibilities of additional agencies with regulatory and enforcement oversight regarding energy trading - SEC, FTC and DOJ.
  • Understanding market manipulation, transparency and reliability.
  • Establishing the basic framework of an energy trading compliance program - clarifying key terms and definitions.
  • Survey of enforcement mechanisms and applicability.

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