Pharmaceutical Regulation and Compliance


Our attorneys, including the former Chief of Staff of the Drug Enforcement Administration, have extensive experience in advising and assisting our clients on compliance with the myriad DEA requirements for controlled substance manufacture, distribution and dispensing, as well as the import and export of controlled substances.

We have represented pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, retailers, pharmacies and other entities holding DEA licenses in civil, criminal and regulatory actions involving suspicious order monitoring, theft and loss, physical security, and pharmacy dispensing issues.  In addition, our attorneys have regularly counseled clients on developing procedures and processes to comply with DEA regulations.

  • Represented a major generic drug manufacturer and distributor in defending a civil action by DEA in federal court.
  • Developed DEA compliance policies for a large national generic drug manufacturer.
  • Represented several national wholesale distribution companies in litigation with DEA in federal court and before an administrative law judge.
  • Designed and implemented a compliance plan for a large wholesale distribution company.
  • Counseled a chemical manufacturer and broker relating to compliance with DEA domestic sales and export regulations.
  • Counseled an international manufacturer regarding import and production quota issues.
  • Represented a national retail chain pharmacy regarding dispensing practices in a DEA investigation.
  • Advised a national retail chain pharmacy regarding its DEA anti-diversion compliance policies.
  • Represented numerous employees of an international shipping company involved in the shipment of controlled substances in a federal criminal action.

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Jay III, A. Joseph Special Counsel Washington
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Treanor, James A. Associate Washington
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Urban, Lex Associate Washington
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Wharton, Kendra (Clayton) Associate Washington
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