OFAC and Export Control

Our lawyers have advised numerous entities regarding the application of economic sanctions laws, regulations and resolutions of the United States, the United Kingdom, the member countries of the European Union, and the United Nations, and have overseen criminal OFAC investigations while in senior positions with the Department of Justice. Our practitioners are widely known for their long-standing expertise in this area, and we have appeared in a number of economic sanctions matters before the Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") and the Departments of State and Justice. We have represented, among others, aerospace and defense companies, industrials, oil and gas companies, petrochemical companies, financial institutions, trading entities, non-government organizations and business executives. Our work has included:

  • Responding to, defending and settling enforcement actions before OFAC and the Department of Justice
  • Preparing and defending voluntary disclosures before OFAC
  • Drafting and securing OFAC licenses and exemptions, including securing the release of frozen assets
  • Assisting in the preparation of mandatory reports to OFAC
  • Advising on conflicts of laws
  • Responding to inquiries by the Department of State, members of Congress, and state and local authorities on sanctions issues, relating, in particular, to Iran, Libya and Cuba
  • Assisting in the divestment of Iranian and other sanctioned country assets and investments
  • Designing, testing and training on global sanctions policies and compliance programs
  • Devising smart crisis response programs to address newly imposed sanctions programs
  • Advising on issues relating to sanctions programs that are liberalized or lifted
  • Advising on potential sanctions implications of pending mergers, acquisitions, public offerings, and investment opportunities and preparing due diligence materials
  • Requesting formal and informal agency advice
  • Consulting on a variety of proposed transactions and routine business activities

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Duncan, J. Robert Associate Washington
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Gerver, Keith M. Associate Washington
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Jay III, A. Joseph Special Counsel Washington
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Moreno, Joseph V. Partner Washington
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New York
T. +1 212 504 6262
Treanor, James A. Associate Washington
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Urban, Lex Associate Washington
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Wainstein, Kenneth L. Partner Washington
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Kenneth L. Wainstein
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