Cadwalader Attorney Joseph Facciponti Discusses Cybersecurity for Small Businesses and Start-ups

Mar 02, 2017


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Cadwalader special counsel Joseph Facciponti was a panelist on cybersecurity for small businesses/start-ups at a BK Tech Talk in Brooklyn, New York on February 28.

The panel brought a technical and legal perspective to a topic now dominating the media landscape. From a technical standpoint, the speakers discussed current security trends and why it seems so easy to be hacked (and what to do about it). Facciponti provided a legal perspective, addressing  the risks of failing to take proper precautions.

In addition to Facciponti, other panelists included Nicole Becher, the Director of Cyber Operations at Fractal Industries, and Mark Herschberg, former CTO at FlashPoint.

“If you as a business owner think that just because you’re not a huge corporation with thousands of employees you’re therefore immune to cyberattacks … think again,” Facciponti cautioned. “You have just as much to worry about. In fact, some cyber criminals find SMBs to be more attractive targets because their defenses are not as advanced as those of larger organizations.  In addition, SMBs might not be aware of legal requirements to maintain cybersecurity programs or to notify their customers in the event of a cyberattack.”

Prior to joining Cadwalader, Facciponti held an executive-level position in the legal department of HSBC Holdings and was an Assistant United States Attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, where he handled complex and high-profile cases involving financial crime, computer hacking, and intellectual property theft.

Cadwalader’s Cyber and National Security Practice represents clients operating across a range of industry sectors with security sensitivities, such as financial institutions; financial services providers; technology and security companies; aerospace and defense companies; industrials; oil, gas, petrochemical and wind conglomerates; telecommunications suppliers and providers; transportation carriers; trading entities; global marketplace service companies; news organizations; and sovereign wealth funds.

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