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OCI Survival Tips

With one year of law school under your belt, it's time to start thinking about a position for next summer. We at Cadwalader often hear from law students that on-campus interviewing (OCI) is confusing and overwhelming. We thought you might appreciate some insight from the other side of the table on how to navigate the process. While we hope you seriously consider Cadwalader, we offer the following tips to help you prepare for OCI, regardless of which employer you choose in the end.

Logistically, OCI is a marathon, not a sprint. Prepare properly, and you will find the process educational, eye-opening, and possibly even fun.

In general, our best advice is to remember that every piece of information you gather about a future employer is just one piece of a complex puzzle. Try to put together as many of the pieces as you can from a variety of trustworthy sources, use good judgment, and ask thoughtful questions of those with whom you meet.