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Legal analysis and writing are among the most important lawyering skills. Find ways to continuously hone these skills throughout law school. Even if you are not on a journal, there are plenty of opportunities to develop this critical expertise:

Check out the following books for helpful tips on improving your writing skills:

Bryan A. Garner, Advanced Legal Writing & Editing
(LawProse, Inc. 2001)

Richard Neumann, Jr., Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing: Structure, Strategy, and Style
(Aspen Law & Business 2001)

Louis J. Sirico, Jr. & Nancy L. Schultz, Persuasive Writing For Lawyers and The Legal Profession
(Lexis/Nexis 2nd ed. 2001)

William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White, The Elements of Style
(McMillan 2d ed. 1972)

John R. Trimble, Writing with Style
(Prentice Hall, 2nd ed. 2000)

Richard C. Wydick, Plain English For Lawyers
(Carolina Academic Press 4th ed. 1998)